Things to keep in mind before travelling to Spiti Valley in Himachal

You Spiti valley is a dream destination for many of us. It is one place which will give you goose bumps, will take you trough adventurous journey and make you fall in love with the deserted scenic views. Nonetheless you should be well prepared before going to Spiti Valley to avoid the chaos and difficult situations on the way.

Here are some of the things which will help you in planning your itinerary for spiti valley:

The roads of the route are one of the deadliest routes all across the world. The roads are not properly made and one side of the roads is mostly covered by huge mountains which have chances of landslides and other side other sides road are surrounded by thousands of feet deep valleys and dells. So if you are driving through these roads make sure you are a well experienced driver. Also if you are self-driving or hiring a cab it would be better idea to hire SUV rather than a small vehicle.

      • The beutitious spiti and other places on the route are at an altitude of more than 12000ft so the oxygen level is pretty low. If you have medical conditions it would be advisable to visit doctor before planning the trip. In case you are fit and find uneasiness after reaching there do visit nearest hospital centre. There is only 1 hospital mostly in these villages and towns that too closes at 5 PM. Also intake more water, eat fruits and green vegetables and do yoga and meditation to prevent such conditions. There is a medicine dimox that you could carry after consulting doctor as this medicine helps in high altitude sickness. 
    • Network in spiti is for other service providers other than BSNL is almost null. So do carry a BSNL sim card. Even BSNL services at certain areas is not that great so inform that in advance to your family members.
    • If you are using public transport than make sure to confirm the timings of the buses atleast a day in advance as there are only one or two buses between most of the places in this route. If you are not able to catch that bus you would get stuck or would have to pay a hugesome to taxi drivers. Also at some routes you would need to book the tickets a day in advance so enquire and confirm on that part too.
    • With only 250 days of sunshine in a year, winter in Spiti is a harsh affair. Temperatures on average drop to -30 degrees Celsius, and the lack of any modern form of heating means most families cuddle together in a single room in the house and keep warm around wood fire.Before starting the trip do check weather conditions to get stuck in between due to landslides. There are lot of landslides that keep on happening on the routes specially when rainfall occurs. Also check if the routes are accessible as mostly when it is snowy the roads are blocked.
    • Don’t forget to keep your camera and videocam handy as there would be zillions of views worth admiring and clicking even on the route from one place to other while travelling in this region.
      Me posing at Kaza
        • The weather is mostly unpredictable, it is hot in day and freezing in night. But it could also rain anytime. So be prepared for such conditions and carry clothes accordingly.
        • Homestays are the best option to stay: There are amazing economical homestays you would find in lap of Himalayas and in midst of nature. You would not regret this choice as they are worth the penny and most of the homestays would also serve you with delicious homemade food. The best part is you would meet lot of travelers and interacting with them might get you a word of advice, a different perspective of life and sometimes even a lifetime friend.
      • Indian identity holders going to Spiti, from Shimla or Manali, do not require permits to enter Spiti. Foreign identity holders entering Spiti via the Kinnaur route from Shimla require inner-line permits. The reason behind is that this route takes you very close to the Tibetan border. You can obtain permits at Reckong Peo near Kalpa which takes upto a few hours to be issued.
      • You’ll find an ATM or two in Kaza, but their functioning is often erratic. Hence, it’s advisable to carry enough cash from Manali / Shimla. There are no money exchangers in Spiti.
If you are wiling to know more about Spiti or plan an itinerary so do watch the video  which will definitely help you in planning the trip to Spiti Valley

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