How to plan a trip to Kasol

Travelling to Kasol was one of the experience which did soothe my soul, treated my eyes with the natural sceneries and did let me free float into the breeze of the coldness.

Kasol is a very famous destination these days in youngsters. It is located in of the most beautiful states of India i.e. Himachal. I was planning to go to Kasol since a very long time as the reviews which I got from travelers made me wanting to be near the hills and explore the land of hippies. And finally it was the day when I boarded the 5:30 PM Air Asia from Pune to Delhi with my excitement to the next level. The reasons were two: One was most obvious answering to the calling of hills of Kasol and another was meeting my old college friends and going on a road trip with them. Yes this was suppose to be a fun trip like movies and indeed it was. Let’s continue with my experience and some tips and tricks about journey to Kasol.

How would you reach Kasol:

The most feasible option to travel Kasol is roadways. You can either opt for journey through volvo by taking a volvo either from Delhi itself or from Chandigarh. In case you are booking a volvo from Chandigarh you will have to take a bus or some other mode of transport to reach there from Delhi. Distance between Delhi and Chandigarh is about 243 KM which will take around 4.5 hours to 5 hours for you to reach there.The travel time for Delhi to Kasol is almost 12 hours.

The journey from Delhi to Kasol is one of its kind with the curvy roads, panoramic views and the warmth of nature all around. You are tend to fall in love with the journey as much as the destination itself.

Places to see in and around Kasol

  1. Go and shop at the hippie market of Kasol

Kasol once a famous destination for hippes, still has that vibe which attracts lot of backpackers from around the world. The local market of the Kasol will make you want to buy a lot of stuff to set the mood for the trip further. There are lot of wearables like pyjamas, Himachal tshirts, cool caps and goggles available in the market. Also stuff like leather jackets, leather bags and dreamcatchers are worth giving an attention to.

  1. Have a meal or two at River side café at Manikaran road

If enjoying your meal at a peaceful place with incredible views of Parvati river around sounds exciting you should definitely visit this place. It has indoor and outdoor sitting area. You would get the feel of being in middle of the valley, with grand snow covered mountains all around and scintillating sound of the Parvati river humming will sooth your time there.

  1. Plan a stay at Tosh

Tosh which is located around 26 Km from Kasol can be reached by either your own vehicle or even taking a bus from kasol. Tosh is a beautiful village located in midst of Himalayas which will give you a visual retreat to your eyes and peace to your soul.

Tosh is at an elevation of around 8000ft due to which it gets really cold at night. The tosh river flows across the village which makes the views even more mesmerizing. This tosh river starts at Tosh glacier in Tosh valley which merges into Parvati valley.

Tosh village is a place where you would be able to meet your soul and fall for the joyous  captivating beauty of this small village. The localites there seem to have such a positive aura and happy hearts which will compel you to think once about the unnecessity of the materialistic possessions.

  1. Trek to Kheerganga

If you are heading to Kasol this trek is something you would not want to miss out on. It is an amazing trek in charismatic grey green mountains along with thunderous parvati river flowing downhill. This trek is 12-13 Km trek which is a medium difficulty trek. Do not forget to get the bamboo sticks before starting the trek as they help a lot. It will take 5-6 hours to complete the trek and whole of the trek is serene and picture perfect views.

Things you should not forget to carry are water bottle, bamboo stick, wear shoes and carry as less luggage as possible. Once you will complete the trek you will forget all the tiredness and would feel like you have entered a different world altogether. The hot water spring would welcome you and the fresh air would hit up your face and you would be awe struck by the feeling that is not possible to describe in words.

So if you want to experience the same heavenly feeling  don’t think twice just pack your bags and leave for this amazing destination. To know more about the place and my journey to this natural wonder do watch my vlog series on my youtube channel. Here is the link to one of them.

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