Fight for passion of travel: the dark side behind joyful travel stories

Travel is my passion I tell them,

Do let me travel, learn from my experiences and make my own path I say,

I am not like others, don’t want to live like an average and die like an average is the voice of my soul,

The inner calling is travelling and exploration of the unheard voices, stories waiting to be penned down and places to be discovered.


After trying to justify my passion lot of times,

Still not able to explain them and make them understand that I am not what they think of me,

They say how can travel be a passion, it is a waste of life to be a rolling stone,

Stay away from people who provoke you to travel they say.

Excel in what you do they advice,

How to excel in something I am never excited about is what I ask to someone wise,

They make me emotional all the time,

Like following my passion to travel is a crime.

Always be careful and cautious is what they seek from me,

Being graceful infront of society is what they want from me,

I am strong enough to take all the pain and hide it all inside me,

But it hurts to fight for the right and still to be proved wrong all the time.


I am just one of those millions of you like me,

Who are free souls tied in burdens of society,

In the fear which we are forced to think of by family, relatives and friends,

Who are misfits and odd man outs in their present life.

Did fight with parents,

Had courage to fight with Society,

Even did fight with doubts within myself,

And Still unheard but still untamed with the never dying passion for travel inside me.


I am always positive about travelling and following the passion but there are times in my life like most of people like you when I have doubts about following it, when people really close to me don’t understand me and I feel that is it really worth to still follow it even when everything and everyone is against it ? Is it worth to follow it when you know it will hurt your close ones including your parents? Or is it better to be one of them and let your close ones be happy?Do mention what you have to say about this in comments.

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