About me

I am an avid traveller who is on a journey to explore the world and explore myself. It’s the journey of the outside world, the majestic mountains, the resting seashores, arousing waves and unexplored places which I seek for. It’s also the journey of finding the real me in the whole journey of the world.

I did take a 3 month solo trip in India which has been the best experience of my life. I am an engineer by studies, but a traveller by heart and soul. I worked in corporate for 4 years in marketing, tech team and operations team. But still could not find the peace working in cubicle. So I quit my job, started to freelance, plan trips, events and live my dream of travelling and exploring.

Some of the memorable things I have done is staying at a strangers place in a small village, feeling the real meaning of freedom while bunjee jumping, couchsurfed at several places and made friends for lifetime, experienced the thrill being on one of the most dangerous roads in India, stayed silent for 10 days at a stretch and learned meditation technique and organized meetups for travelers where explorers like us can meet and share their journeys while also making lifetime relationships with other travelers.

I would use this platform to share my adventures, travels and the journey with you.